Mods World of Tanks tanks skins VK3002M

VK 3002 M    


автор «Sgt_Krollnikow51»

Все тот же Sgt_Krollnikow51, корректировка мода (убирание ненужных файлов) и армейские эмблемы«Nelumbo«.

P.S. Я задавал этот же вопрос на еврофоруме, сразу минусы посыпались от каких-то недоумков. Там ответили: это типа исторически корректно, и потом, на советских танках тоже писали «за Сталина». А сам Кроликов ответил так: «то, что ты заменил эмблемы, на первый раз прощаю, но в будущем я могу подать в суд». Пипец. Поклонник Третьего Рейха мне что-то говорит о суде!VK3002M


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  1. я если честно, тоже не вижу смысла замены символов. а не судьба клепать исторические шкуры дивизий не Сергея Сергеича? например, дивизии Гросдойчланд, Лер и тп.

    замечу, шкуры Ваши хороши, но именно из-за замен я их не качаю, увы. я не настаиваю, дело ваше, я лишь высказал мнение

  2. Шкурки делал не я, я только символы заменил (на втором VK — Panzergrau — как раз Лер, буква L). Это фриц делал какой-то, оно и понятно, что символику Солдат Смерти лепит куда не попадя. А все те шкурки, которые делал я, с символикой армейских дивизий. Да и игра только про танки Второй Мировой, а не собственно про войну. Вот если бы была игра, посвященная Курской битве или Арденнам, и вообще тем событиям, где участвовали Солдаты Смерти, тогда можно было поспорить. А в этой игре нацизма быть не должно. Иначе придется и звания танкистов менять.

  3. Hello Webmasters of «Drongo Lab, Nelumbo who has posted here some of my skins which he had changed from their original look WITHOUT any permission by me, the Author of these Skins. I had told him that he had to ask for permission to do so, but he denied and did NOT !!!
    So he has, like the international rules declare, no right to do the changes and post them here on a public server from Drongo Lab.
    If he has problems with the historical Divison Signs of german Waffen SS Tank Divisions, then he can ignore them and do not download them. But instead of asking for permission to chnage the original design made by me, for his only PRIVATE usage, he went on here and starts to flame against me and others, who had told him that this is not the right way to do so. So Webmasters of Drongo Lab, I tell you now that the changed Skins from Nelumbo, who has done this without any permission by me the author, are not legal and are breaking international Laws.
    So please delete Nelumbos irregular changed skins, made by me.
    Fell free to post my own original skins, that is OK to do so, but not the posting of illegal changed skins from me by «Nelumbo» !

  4. Ok, placing historically correct, or in the case of project tanks as close as correct, does not mean someone is a Nazi!

    Nelumbo mate — you are out of order!

    You should know by now that it is polite to ask — Micheal is new to the fabled art of skinning (as far as I am aware) and if he chooses to ask you not to take his work, you should respect that!

    Where the Nazi rubbish has appeared from you have no idea. Perhaps you are just pathetically trying to raise you level in this by trashing someone you know you would not meet in real life.

    Everyone else — my apologies,

    Nelumbo — sort yourself out mate

  5. Stalin on you not, motherfuckers. But never mind, soon we are united with Belarus. We will choose the president Lukashenko and our tanks this week will reach the English Channel. It’s time to remind you whom to fear.

  6. If you want to make skins with Nazi symbols — it’s your business. But this game is not strictly historical, it’s not about World War II, but only about the tanks. And then, the Slayer Squads brought to our country a lot of grief. Although, I have nothing against the Wehrmacht symbols. WH is the German army, not the military wing of the political party, like W-SS. German army had a lot of symbols, what prevents you from using them? I don’t see any plagiarism in Nelumbo’s actions, he points out that Krollnikow is the author of this skin. And in this game shouldn’t be any forms of Nazism.

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